Following the removal of a tree, the stump remains (usually between 1-3 inches from the ground level around the base of the tree). Many trees will not grow after bring cut to ground level but for those that do you have two options: to prevent growth through stump poisoning or remove the stump to a specified depth below ground level using a stump grinder. This allows the ground to become useable space in your outside area and you can level the ground off to introduce a new feature. 

Professional stump poisoning ensures that the new stump will not start re-growing, putting you at risk of further work in the future to deal with regrowth. We use techniques which do not harm the surrounding area.

We have multiple stump grinders of all different sizes and capabilities. Those with a cutting depth of up to 450mm are more than adequate for most stumps, depending on the height of the surrounding ground. It is important to know that stump grinding doesn't remove the surrounding roots, it removes the stump allowing for easy removal of the roots if necessary during building works or landscaping.

The Kings Cuts Tree Services team are well-placed to advise on the options for stump management - our team are very happy to help answer questions and give expert advice with a FREE quotation.

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